Rapid Bay Jetty Public Amenities Receives Grant Funding

Funding has been received from the Commonwealth Government’s Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF).

The District Council of Yankalilla is proceeding with plans to build change rooms, toilets and showers and fish cleaning facilities will also be provided.

No announcement has yet been made regarding the expected completion date.

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Wardang Island/Waraldi Infrastructure Revitalisation Project

This project involves the removal of the old jetty which had deteriorated to the point where it was unusable and the demolition and removal of some 19 abandoned buildings and structures.

Construction of new accommodation facilities commenced in May 2021 and work on new boat landing facilities including a new jetty are due to commence in October 2021.

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Commercial Fishing to Resume in the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument

On Friday 5/06/2020 the US Government announced that it will reopen the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument to commercial fishing.

The move was criticized by marine life advocates who said it could threaten species in the area but praised by fishing groups that said it would generate millions of dollars for their industry.

The monument, about 130 miles from Cape Cod, Mass., was established in 2016 by then-President Obama to protect deep-sea environments and marine life.

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SDFSA Call Out to Photographers

We are looking for an amazing photo of a diver exploring South Australian waters.

SDFSA is designing a new marquee to be used for the Science Alive! Exhibition at the Adelaide showgrounds later this year; and for other events like the opening of the 2020/2021 dive season late November/December. We want the back canvas panel of the tent to be one giant image of a diver or divers – 3 metres by 3 metres.

So we are running a competition! The best photo (selected by the SDFSA Committee) will be the photo on our marquee!

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Marine Life Autumn 2020

Marine Life presents the Autumn 2020 edition of their quarterly newsletter.

For everything you need to know about climate change, underwater art, southern right whale dolphins, oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight, aquaculture in Tasmania, shark nets and a whole lot more…

A terrific read.

Download here.

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River to Reef by Dan and Emma Monceaux

Local Port Noarlunga artists, Dan and Emma Monceaux exhibit their work in an online exhibition.

Check out the beautiful art works, photographs and videos that showcase the local area. Many of the photos are taken on the Port Noarlunga Reef.

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Narwhals and Belugas May be At Risk of Corona Virus Infection

Preliminary research indicates that baleen and toothed whales such as narwhals and belugas could be susceptible to COVID-19.

Another study from 2019, published in the journal Nature Communications, found that reductions in Arctic sea ice may be speeding up the introduction of new viruses from the North Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

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Tasmania’s Own Dead Sea

Waters along the east coast of Tasmania are up to 2C warmer than a little over a century ago.

The warmer waters pushed down by the east Australian current have stripped the area of nutrients and killed more that 95% of the giant kelp forests.

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