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Details of the Next Competition


Display your skills and submit 3 photographs for consideration in our on-going tri-monthly competition.

The theme for the next competition is Echinoderms. 
The adults of this species are recognizable by their (usually five-point) radial symmetry, and include such well-known animals as sea stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, crinoids (including Feather Stars and Sea Lilies) and Brittle Stars (including Basket Stars). Echinoderms are found at every ocean depth, from the intertidal zone to the abyssal zone (this zone remains in perpetual darkness and never receives light)

This theme will be followed by "Ascidians"

Competition entries must be in JPEG format and preferably have a size of 2100 x 1500 pixels which translates to a 7”x 5” image with an image resolution of 300 dpi.

Please keep the file size down to a maximum of 400 kB.

Re-touching with an image editor is permitted.
You may edit the image in any way you wish. The only restriction on your creative abilities is that your image must appeal to the judging panel (i.e. all the members who attend the General Meeting). 

Photo competition entries must be forwarded to no later than 15th February 2018.