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Come here often to get the latest information, news and gossip from the Underwater Explorers Club of SA.  
The club is the longest running scuba diving club in Australia and we do regular boat and shore dives in the local waters around Adelaide and have trips away to Yorke Peninsula and Spencer's Gulf.
The club meets on the first Wednesday of each month (except January).

Visitors are welcome.

Meeting Venue


Nailsworth Community Club                             
31 Derlanger Avenue,
Collinswood  SA  5083


For a detailed map of directions, click here

August-2018 Photo Competition Result

This Theme had two drawn entries after voting was finalised
and they feature below. 
 Congratulations to Bob Butterfield for his winning entry
in the August-2018 Photo Competition. 
 This photo of a Leopard Coral Trout,
was taken during a dive trip to Christmas Island in September
 Congratulations to Robyn Butterfield for her winning entry 
in the August-2018 Photo Competition. 
 This photo of a school of  Old Wives,
was taken during a dive at Tumby in February-2018

 These and previous winning entries may be found in the Photo Competition gallery.

Diving Experiences



Giant Australian Cuttlefish

This species is the largest of all the cuttlefish and an expert at colour change and camouflage. They can change colour in an instant, and by raising parts of their skin, they can also change shape and texture to imitate rock, sand or seaweed.
Find out more about this fascinating creature here

Videos -
Click here to see member videos of encounters during dives.
Also,  youtube has the following videos -
          video1 (0:28)  video2 (3:28)  video3 (53:25)  

Leafy Seadragon

Sea dragons are some of the most ornately camouflaged creatures on the planet. Adorned with gossamer, leaf-shaped appendages over their entire bodies, they are perfectly outfitted to blend in with the seaweed and kelp formations they live amongst.

Endemic to the waters off south and east Australia, leafy sea dragons are closely related to seahorses and pipefish. Leafies are generally brown to yellow in body colour with spectacular olive-tinted appendages.

Divers encountering these shy creatures should take care in their approach. Read the information contained on this document.

Calendar for 2018-2019



The 2018-19 Calendar has been printed, and
is  available from Committee members.
It will be in use from the beginning of September. 

You can print out a copy of the calendar, and also check out details of up coming dives
and social events on the Calendar page. 

UEC of SA Inc

ABN 43 819 793 232



Make a Payment

For details of how to pay your membership fees etc. please see How To Make a Payment.

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